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  I will politely ask you to retract your comments about Pat. Each and 
every press release issued by
Openmoko was written by me and issued with my approval and Sean's 
approval. Pat is in charge
of the mechanics of getting those releases distributed and covered by 
the press. As PR she would make editorial suggestions,
but in the end the words are approved by me and sean and in the case of 
quotes, the quotes
are approved by the person being quoted. If you consider the words to be 
BS, then you are
entitled to your opinion. I am responsible for each and every word.  I'm 
responsible for
generating the information, not Pat. Basically it works like this. I 
want to to do a press release.
I talk with Pat and we discuss whether the item is newsworthy in our 
estimation. "Steve ate breakfast"
may be a fine tweet, but it isn't news. Then if we agree it is 
newsworthy, I write the release.
Sean reviews it and when he and I come to agreement we go back to Pat 
and ask her to "put the release out"
Her name goes at the bottom of the release. Not because the words are 
hers, but because she is the Press
Contact. That means the press contacts her when they want to talk to me 
or sean.

Christoph Pulster wrote:
>>   I've copied pat meier Johnson our PR person on the thread. Like you
>>   we believe there is a great positive story here.
> IMO Pat Meier is the typical Public Relation crap and does not match to  
> the company philosophy of Openmoko Inc. at all.
> I just checking some announcements of the past of Pat Meier concerning  
> Openmoko and realize they have a lot of fantasy and free imagination to  
> create facts and words. I dont like these kind of bullshit information  
> generators.
> Christoph
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