Do I need the buzz-fix?

Warren Baird wjbaird at
Fri Jun 5 21:07:58 CEST 2009

Hey all,

I'm getting a bit confused about whether I need to get the buzz-fix
operation done.  Since I switched to a
few days ago I've generally been satisfiied with my audio quality - a couple
of people I've called have mentioned a small amount of buzz on occasion, but
that the audio quality was tolerable.  With most other state files I've had
so much static on the line people on the other end could barely understand

In - Dr. N stated "The
Buzz rework is only required if  you have the Buzz problem. If your device
does not, there is no need to rework. My personal estimate is that <5% of
users have experienced it. "

However, I've seen other statements like arne anka in state "conclusion:
everyone having access to the buzz fix should take hold of it. "

Is there some consensus on this?   Should everyone get the buzz-fix?   If
not - how do I tell if I should get the buzz fix.



Warren Baird - Photographer and Digital Artist
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