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Fri Jun 5 21:58:26 CEST 2009


Christian Gagneraud wrote:
> Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
>> I just saw that openbmaps imports the opencellid data so there will be
>> the cellhunter data in in future.
> That's a good point, but for example, yesterday evening i've uploaded 
> lot of data (about 5 hours sampling every 10 seconds, while moving by 
> boat along the coast), and now i would like to reuse these data, 
> exploit them, plot them, ... with existing web application or by 
> writing my own tool, the API offered by cellhunter doesn't really fit 
> my needs that's why i want to have a look at OBM's API.

You can find the Web based API from obm here:

Feel free to tell if this does not fit your needs. Let me know what you 
need, to see what I can do for you.

I also have a prototype of D-bus service running on the phone, which 
uses local database built on top of obm data, to get my position. This 
is only a proof of concept, but it works.

> Do you know how often CH is imported into opencellid, and how often 
> opencellid are imported into OBM?

We import oci data in order to built better service right now to our 
users (see my other email for details). But we don't plan to do this 
very often. If you want to see your data in obm, the best way is to 
upload directly to it for sure. It gets processed right away.

> Cheers,
> Chris


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