Openmoko Neo FreeRunner GTA02 versions A5 & A6 Audio Buzz - Quality Enhancement Service

Boris Wong lists.boris at
Sat Jun 6 03:03:27 CEST 2009

Warren Baird wrote:
> Will this offer be availble in Canada also?   
I live in Vancouver BC, and have just sent two Freerunners in today. You 
just have to pay for the shipping back.
> to avoid dealing with customs?
I'm not entirely sure how customs works, but we are not purchasing 
products from the US nor are we selling. We are receiving a free service 
and we just pay for shipping to and from ("ship to" by going to a postal 
office and "ship back" by ordering and paying on their site).

Hopefully they won't charge me anything. And I don't remember if they 
use UPS service, but the UPS service is known to charge extreme amounts 
on duties since they have their "private brokerage services", which 
could potentially cost more than the Freerunner itself. =/ Here's to hoping!


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