Fundamental Qi question

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jun 6 10:26:47 CEST 2009

>> i simply infered it would not work with flash at all. turns out, that  
>> was wrong.
> [...]
>> as long you have nothing to contribute in terms of usefull information  
>> you can shut up now.
> Had you followed your own advice, and shut up when YOU had nothing to  
> contribute in terms of useful information, this thread would have simply  
> been a quick reply of "yes, it works in flash as describe on the Wiki  
> here:"
> I love how you constantly tell people to shut up if they don't have  
> anything to contribute, but feel free to interject you spam when you  
> know NOTHIING about the topic.  I also love how you introduce that  
> information AS IF you're an authoritative source, and when a real  
> authoritative source corrects you, to insult them and tell them they  
> should "document their stuff", when it's already clearly documented on  
> the wiki.
> Why don't YOU take your own advice, and shut up for a change.

that crap isn't wort to be dignified -- but just to make clear that i am  
going to ignore evrything of this mindless thread:

for all those other dolts feeling inclined to be insulting: leave it alone  
in particular if you don't care to read and/or understand what i write ...

and btw: if you absolutely incapable to understand how _this_ list works,  
stop answering to me at all!
those mindess cc'ing is pretty annoying

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