Fundamental Qi question

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Sat Jun 6 14:24:54 CEST 2009

On 3/06/2009 6:32 PM, arne anka wrote:
>> Oh did I say that questioning Qi was spreading FUD and mail congestion?
> that's how i understood it.

Well you'd be wrong again. There's an old saying about assumptions but 
I'll leave that up to you to research, or you could just take a stab at 
it as you seem to have quite a knack for that.

>> My apologies. I'll rephrase. Criticising features you know nothing about
>> in a thread about a question you contributed nothing to is spreading FUD
>> and causing mail congestion.
> what exactly is your problem?
>   from the information i gathered over time from this list i deduced qi was
> aimed at reading the kernel from /boot, not from the nand partition.
> together with "qi does not understand jffs2" i simply infered it would not
> work with flash at all.

No, you implied it was useless ... ending in something like 'imho'.

> turns out, that was wrong.
> now i see, that indeed qi with flash has at least ... limited usability,
> because obviously due to jffs2 support (however that is possible, since
> jffs2 is the first fs of the freerunner) that file appending boot options
> can not be read.
> paul answered in a totally inappropriate way and you continue that way
> down.
> if all you want to say is "i am great! i loathe you inferior creature" --
> you did it.
> as long you have nothing to contribute in terms of usefull information you
> can shut up now.

Hah, what a hypocrite. Useless contribution is your forte! Mate, get a 
clue. I've seen you try and shut threads down in their infancy before 
the poster has received their desired outcome on more than one occasion. 
I don't purport to be better than anyone, to the contrary, I merely like 
to point out when someone is being a complete knob.

There's another old saying ... 'practice what you preach' ... look it up.



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