MP3 patents

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Sat Jun 6 15:05:53 CEST 2009

Pieter Colpaert wrote:

> let's create a "music uploader" for OM2009 & SHR (on your pc: so should
> have a version for linux as well as for mac and wyndaws):
> The main screen should give us a selector list of all songs on your pc,
> no matter if they're mp3/ogg/wav/etc when uploaded (through scp, that's
> easy I guess) they get automatically converted to ogg, which is a quite
> good standard to use on the openmoko.

In qtmoko we have program qmplayer that does conversion of avi files to
FR resolution. Should be more then easy to do this for mp3->ogg. The
program is using QT and it works on FR, PC (both windows and linux is
supported). You can download media on device using the same qmplayer or
from web browser so it can work for all distros.

You can check sources and now not-so-fresh binaries here [1].

Btw while you can avoid patents with mp3->ogg it's still not possible to
do the same for avi, because FR cant play theora vides full screen now
(or someone please prove me that i am wrong :)



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