Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

pike pike-openmoko at
Sat Jun 6 22:09:14 CEST 2009


> I'm keeping a list of a few optimisations i
> can think of; i'll fill it over the next few
> days; 
> .. and i'll add them as a 'design concept', 
 > if that seems appropriate.

I haven't really done that; but
instead, I've been translating my 'few
optimisations' into a 'few mockups' and added
them here

.. but it was a bit confusing to do that. I assume
someone (Mirko?) is still leading on development
of paroli. And I assume something like this - simply
optimizing the default ui - has been in someones
agenda already.

Ofcourse, I could just start making my own edje
files. But if another, also improved, paroli
is coming along, why would I. And I don't like
edje very much from the looks of it.

Unless, ofcourse, someone finds this very
interesting. In which case I might have a
few spare evenings to do some more.

Otherwise, I might still make a text
version of the 'few optimisations' I
could think of, anyway.


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