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Sat Jun 6 22:22:26 CEST 2009

In The Name Of God

Thanks alot for your attentions ;

> "Input method" just means a way of typing characters that are not on
> your keyboard.  For example, in Debian GNU/Linux, one can run this
> command to use a standard US keyboard to type Persian[1] using the
> Iranian standard for keyboards[2]:
>  setxkbmap -v -rules xfree86 -model pc104 -layout "us,ir" -option
> "grp:alt_shift_toggle" -option "grp_led:caps"
> When I run that on my desktop computer, I am then able to hit
> ALT+SHIFT to toggle between Farsi and English input.  Now when I type
> ABCabc123 on my keyboard I get ؤ‌ژشذز۱۲۳.  Of course, that doesn't
> help you on the Freerunner, which doesn't have a physical keyboard.
> Someone (perhaps you?) needs to design a Farsi onscreen keyboard.
> Another person on this thread said that it was relatively easy, but I
> don't know having never done it.

So there is a persian layer yes ?so is not possible to change layer in
another way except input methode suchlike a command or a script ?
>You can copy'n'paste in messages app. Just long press in place, where
>you want to select, cut, copy or paste :)
No ,messages should be typed whenever is needed and often can not be
ready beforehand.

Regards dehqan

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