Linux International and Openmoko

swap38 swap38 at
Sun Jun 7 01:25:23 CEST 2009

Jon 'maddog' Hall a écrit :
> Hello,
> (...)
> Recently I started another project, not a phone, but otherwise similar
> in its needs to Openmoko.  This other project will have a community, be
> completely "open", and needs an umbrella organization to help with legal
> work, etc.  I intend on forming a sub-group of LI for this project.
> I could offer the same to Openmoko, to be a sub-group of LI.
> (...)
> Jon "maddog" Hall
Thanks Jon, it's a very fair proposition.
I'm just the little guy who started to speak in french about Openmoko
one year ago [1] (with Bearstech's help), one of these end-users you're
talking about.
But I really want to support the Openmoko initiative because I hardly
believe in open this hardware revolution.

As I told previously [2], I think an open "umbrella" foundation can be a
good option.
Why not Linux International ?
Before legal works, the community needs organization to be as efficient
as possible with its ressources.
(I'm sure there's a lot of people like me who really want to help but
know what should they do first)

Now I hope that key people of the worldwide community will join this
... and let's go !



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