How to get started with Openmoko phone?

Mike mikeumo at
Sun Jun 7 04:38:28 CEST 2009

Hello --

I would like to use a Linux-based open-hardware phone for my phone 
communications. I would like to try Neo Freerunner. How do I do that? Namely:

1) Is there any particular kind of wireless carrier (in US) I need to 
subscribe to? 

2) Do I need to tell the carrier that I shall be using a linux-based phone? 

3) Can I use Nextel or ATT and T-mobile are my only national carrier options?

4) How do I get a SIM card for the phone?

5) Can I text (SMS) -- I intend on using Qtopia at the beginning?

6) Can I sync addresses etc with my desktop?

I have been using Sprint (CDMA) -- so I am quite unfamiliar with the GSM world 
(and a phone that does not come with the service) -- I would appreciate any 
(obvious) tips on how to get from buying the FreeRunner to making and 
receiving calls and text messages.

Thank you for your time --


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