How to get started with Openmoko phone?

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Sun Jun 7 05:35:50 CEST 2009

2009/6/7 Mike <mikeumo at>:
> I would like to use a Linux-based open-hardware phone for my phone
> communications. I would like to try Neo Freerunner. How do I do that? Namely:
> 1) Is there any particular kind of wireless carrier (in US) I need to
> subscribe to?

must be gsm, any will do, i think

> 2) Do I need to tell the carrier that I shall be using a linux-based phone?

no, it follows the gsm standard, which is all they should be concerned
about. all else is irrelevant to them. as far as they're concerned,
it's a phone and you give them money. it wouldn't surprise me though,
if they knew you were using something a bit unusual, that they say
it's 'not supported' or some garbage.

i doubt they'd understand what a linux phone is - their customer
service won't have a clue about this

> 3) Can I use Nextel or ATT and T-mobile are my only national carrier options?

have you looked at the wiki, there's lots of useful info there.
there's probably a list of compatible carriers in your area?

> 4) How do I get a SIM card for the phone?

get a prepay, or sell your soul to the devil, and sign up for a contract

> 5) Can I text (SMS) -- I intend on using Qtopia at the beginning?

yes. of course

> 6) Can I sync addresses etc with my desktop?

possibly. depends on the format they're in on the phone/desktop

> I have been using Sprint (CDMA) -- so I am quite unfamiliar with the GSM world
> (and a phone that does not come with the service) -- I would appreciate any
> (obvious) tips on how to get from buying the FreeRunner to making and
> receiving calls and text messages.

open up the back, put the sim in the slot, put it back together, and boot

seriously, the wiki will answer your general question better and more
quickly than the list will:

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