Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Sun Jun 7 11:39:49 CEST 2009

> I haven't really done that; but
> instead, I've been translating my 'few
> optimisations' into a 'few mockups' and added
> them here

Thanks for thinking and investigating time about paroli look!

I have read your proposal, however I dont really get
the "sizzle" part (maybe because of my weak english skills).

If this sizzle thing would mean, that the actual selected
element should be highlighted (green). That I think it is
not really doable because of the hardware.

This touchscreen is "point and click". So there is nothing
like "hovering an element" what is common on a
desktop with a mouse.

If the proposal is the selected (clicked) item should be
green instead of white? That is a fair point. And I
think it should be a good first step to a more eyecandy
paroli theme. (we could create some themes, where
we only changes some basic colors, like: greenish, bluish,
pinkish themes).

And it is really easy to do this, as there is
only some color value editing is needed. Mostly like this:
color: 0 0 0 255 // red green blue alpha
color: 100 123 0 200 //red green blue alpha

So creating some basic different color styles is really easy,
and the programming skills required is nearly nonexistent.

> .. but it was a bit confusing to do that. I assume
> someone (Mirko?) is still leading on development
> of paroli.

That is true, Mirko is still around, and leading paroli

>  And I assume something like this - simply
> optimizing the default ui - has been in someones
> agenda already.

Im messing with the gui here and there.

> Ofcourse, I could just start making my own edje
> files. But if another, also improved, paroli
> is coming along, why would I. And I don't like
> edje very much from the looks of it.

Yeah, Im almost done, with the most basic and urgent
improvements (back button everywhere).

Install the newest om2009 unstable, or see the
"introduction video to Paroli" what I posted in an other
thread for the current status.

> Unless, ofcourse, someone finds this very
> interesting. In which case I might have a
> few spare evenings to do some more.

Every contribution is interesting. Even
if I see your them not pleasent, its worth
the effort to create it anyway. Because
somebody likes it more then me.

I see it this way:
Im improving the default theme here and
there, I fix mostly usability adjust some font
size and placing. But nothing really radical.
Mirko does the same.

If somebody creates an alternate theme
(and even he only changes some of the colors),
we will it incorporate into paroli and make
it selectable (through settings for example).

Whether the new theme should be default or
not, can be a good candidate of community

This is only my view of things. But I have seen
Mirko is very open in every UI ideas.

He already implemented slidings on the gui,
easy scrolling, so pretty much everything is

> Otherwise, I might still make a text
> version of the 'few optimisations' I
> could think of, anyway.

I would really like to see you creating a theme
where you only change some colors, and such.
It is relatively easy and its only one file/application
needs to be overwritten.

If the theme is done, Im sure we can incorporate
as a selectable theme into paroli. (no more overwrite required).

When the basic infrastructure is figured out, you
can continue of the theme development. Placing
images here and there, make some item transparent,
animations, etc.

There is already a guy (Victor) who created some alternate
icons. There is you who have some improvements idea
and made some mockups.

Keep you guys coming these nice things!


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