Stress test of my Freerunner

Sven Klomp sven at
Sun Jun 7 15:55:37 CEST 2009

As you already noticed from my last mail (Visit at Openmoko), I was traveling through Taiwan. I didn't want to blame anyone, but share my feelings with people that are also thrilled by this project. Nevertheless as several people already mentioned, we have an open phone! and there is a future!

I use my Freerunner for several weeks as my daily phone now (started after the buzz was fixed by Daniel, thanks). However, the last two weeks I stretched my FR to the limit and it did it well:
Few days before I started traveling Taiwan, I decided to make some GPS based diary for my friends at home. Thanks to the very easy API of FSO, I was able to write a basic application in Python within three evenings. The applications sends the current coordinates and some text to my server, where a KML file is created which can be downloaded by my friends. At the airport, I bought a cheap Taiwan SIM card and I started to transmit my position via GPRS (which also worked out-of-the-box). Furthermore, the timezone changed automagically based on GSM (my old Sony Ericsson wasn't able to do so).

I had a lot of fun during the last weeks tracking my travel. Of course, I had some problems but I could solve all of them more or less. E.g. the SHR alarm application doesn't worked. So I did the alarm the bash way: sleep 28800 && aplay alarm.wav :-) With this solution, the phone couldn't suspend. Luckily, the wall charger has Taiwan connections below the European adaptor :-)
Furthermore, I was that adventurous to make an opkg upgrade during the travel :-) Thereafter, I couldn't suspend after I started GPRS. Annoying, but not a serious problem.

I love my FR

P.S.: Now I start to fill some bug reports :-)

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