intone a2dp (bluetooth) support

Michael Sheldon mike at
Mon Jun 8 12:23:44 CEST 2009

DJDAS wrote:
> It's very simple: you have to pair to the device and create a .asoundrc 
> file in $HOME.
> You can see a sample of it in the module of BlueMoko[1] 
> (look at the function connect_A2DP() )
> After this the bluetooth headset will become the default alsa device so 
> you won't need to change any configuration in mplayer but just start a 
> new mplayer process which will play through the headset.
> To reset the alsa output simply remove the .asoundrc and disconnect from 
> the headset.
> Bye!

 Personally I don't think this should be implemented in intone, this
sort of system-wide activity should be handled by FSO (and I believe
there is work on-going towards this) and intone should just offer the
option to make use of an already configured bluetooth device if it exists.

 Also, IIRC, BlueMoko still uses bluez 3.3, while most images now use
bluez 4 by default. So if you went down that path you'd probably end up
having to support two different methods of pairing.


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