[openBmap] Some news: OSM, stats, Dependencies missing, D-bus GSM location prototype, hard drive failure

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Mon Jun 8 23:09:11 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

work keeps going, and I received suggestions from users. Keep going, at 
least, they get written down on my ToDo list ;-)

Here some news about the project:

* thanks to spaetz support, we have replaced the big G maps by 

* thanks to Risto H. Kurppa, for helping finding out a bug on the 
package in om2009 about dependencies missing. This has been now fixed 
(thanks mrmoku), and the fix should propagate to all the distributions 
in the next days (thanks Stefan).

* We now have basic stats:

* I did a prototype of a D-bus service on the phone, which uses the 
database locally. If anyone is interested in building a service which 
needs GSM positioning, contact me. As I said, it is a prototype, but it 
works, and could be used.

* We experience a hard drive failure at the moment. Nick is working hard 
on this. Please be patient. The website will get updated as soon as the 
service is back to normal.

* As it has been said on a previous thread by others, opencellid data 
have been imported in our database.
Why did we import it? We think the data from oci could be
of better quality with some additions. So far, we could not get an
agreement about this from Thomas. So we still aim at people logging
through obm for better quality. But to propose right now the best
coverage to our users, we use oci data too, where no obm data is
available. But the idea is to replace it with obm data with time, as it
comes in.

Again thanks to all the people who helped us, and for the nice comments. 
  And of course, thanks to all the contributors!


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