[QtExtended] Leonardo's keyboard

giacomo "giotti" mariani giacomomariani at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 9 11:41:48 CEST 2009

I would like to thank again all developers of QtExtended  for your
excellent work.
I've some questions for you:
-is there any "return key" on the Leonardo's keyboard (I'm not able to
find it by myself)?
-why, in that keyboard, there are 2 "u" keys?
-which is, now, the right name for the distribution? QtExtendedImproved
or QtMoko or another one or both?
-I can't remember how to switch between predictive and not predictive
keyboards, would you please suggest it again?
-is it possible, using Qmplayer in normal mode (i.e. non in full
screen), to have the video centered instead of in the up-left corner?

Thank you very much

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