Launcher/Home Page (alpha) Release 0.22

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at
Tue Jun 9 17:44:08 CEST 2009

Michal Brzozowski schrieb:
> c_c, this app rocks. I'd like to know how to put it in the place of 
> the default illume home page, so it's the first screen when you boot 
> the phone. It's much better.
> Btw, some icons are missing in launcher, while they show up in illume 
> home. For example contacts, dialer, messages. PhoneLog shows up ok. 
> All that shows up is the caption of the program.
> Michal
the reason is, because these icons are under /usr/share/icons/<name of 
currently selected icon theme>/.../...
you can fix it by copying them to /usr/share/applications

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