how dangerous Freerunner could be?

GNUtoo GNUtoo at
Tue Jun 9 23:45:50 CEST 2009

On Sun, 2009-06-07 at 22:37 +0400, ivvmm wrote:
> Hello list
> wrongly sent North American variant of devices to our European
> country in a pack. So what we got now is that devices operate only on
> 1800MHz frequency. That's twice bigger than 900MHz.
> How dangerous could it be? I always carry the device near my heart
> because it is needed to for GPS to receive an accurate position.
> How could GSM module be shut down truly? We all know it sends
> control-signals even if turned off.
> Thank you.
There was a post on the planet long time ago with the measurements of
the power of the radio waves emitted(SAR) by diverse phones including
the freerunner...and it end up in the middle of the comparison,that is
to say it was not the best but not the worse.

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