Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

Shashank Bharadwaj shanka.mns at
Wed Jun 10 06:43:50 CEST 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 5:07 AM, pike<pike-openmoko at> wrote:
> But, as I'm sketching and using the phone, a few things
> are indeed new and needed imho.
> - The "next", "back" paradigm doesnt really work for
>   me. I want to know *what* "next" is. "back" is not
>   always where I came from. And above that, I don't
>   always know where I am (this happens particularly
>   in the settings, currently). So I've changed "back"
>   and "next" to a virtual "path" and an "action".
>   There could be more actions, actually (eg in sms|read,
>   you can "delete" and "reply" a message). If you
>   click on an action, that should become part of
>   your path in the next screen. For example, if
>   you are in "Setting | Wifi", the main action is
>   "Scan". In the next screen, the path should be
>   "Settings | Wifi | Scan". Action and Paths are
>   CamelCased.

+1 for this idea.

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