some questions before buying FreeRunner

Risto H. Kurppa risto at
Wed Jun 10 07:25:10 CEST 2009

> 1-Is it possible that FR GPS does not work in IRAN ?

Don't think so, it's global and local authorities can do nothing about
it (except tell you not to use GPS)
(gsm is 900/1800).and what is GPS antenna for ?

GPS antenna is there to receive GPS signal. No antenna -> no signal.
Like on your radio: no antenna -> no signal.

> 2-Which 8 GB memory Card do you advice for booting
> openmoko+androide+debian+qtopia on FR ?and for having them beside each
> other on FR is not 4 GB memory enoughe ? what capacity is enoughe ?

I have Sandisk, works nice. And no, if you plan to run all four, I
don't recommend you to get a 4GB one..

> 3-Can other car chargers be used to charge FR ?

Yes, but you need to tell FR (software) to start the charging

> 5-What part of non buzz fixed A6 has buzz ?How can we understand if it
> is fixed or not ?

Open it and see if the resistor and capacitor are there (google for
big-c-fix) - the only way to be sure. But you can ask the distributor,
or just buy a A7 one to be sure.

> 6-Dealer has said that it's A6 FR is buzz fixed ,should i trust ? what
> can i do if he/she posted it in our country and was not buzz fixed ?

If you can't get a A7 and you want the phone then that's all you can
do. At least tuxbrain also sells buzzfixed A6 and I'd trust them: if
the start shipping not-buzzfixed A6 phones claiming they're fixed,
their sales will go down and I don't think they want it. But if they
send you a non-buzzfixed even if you ordered a fixed one send them an
angry e-mail and tell them you'll sue them in IRAN if they will not
fix your FR. That should do it..

By the way all there question e-mails would be a nice FAQ or 'read
this if you plan to buy' if someone just collected them together in
the wiki.. Would you do it?


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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