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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 3:07 PM, Risto H. Kurppa <risto at> wrote:

> - I already discussed with Onen (#openmoko-cdevel) some issues in the
> client app (= I have no idea what all the numbers mean and OTOH it'd
> be nice to have it work as a daemon eating as little resources as
> possible, OTOH it'd be nice to have the possibility to see a
> visualization of the data collected)

I found the log file informative and entertaining to follow (tail -f
.openBmap/openBmap.log) . Cellhunter often crashes (taking ophonekit with
it) and I don't notice because it simply stops refreshing the display.

> - about the website - it's nice to see the servers
> up&running again! I was surprised to get over 700 cells collected by
> just driving a car for 250km and taking a train back and taking a bus
> for 30 minutes in the city. Hard to believe I'd have seen 700 cells
> but if they tell I did..

I did a big upload yesterday (52 log files) and unfortunately I let it
delete the processed ones (After the "Successfully uploaded (52) log files"
dialog). "Unfortunately" because I haven't seen my
username("lambdacomplex")/cells on the stats page or the twitter or on the
map yet so I worry they have been lost in the abyss. Does it say anywhere
what the delay/process is to get the cells onto the maps?

The website could use some more features like that - some way to login to be
able to change/recover your password and a way to see what you've uploaded.
Cellhunter of course gives you instantanious confirmation in the form of
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