some questions before buying FreeRunner

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Wed Jun 10 10:07:19 CEST 2009

>> 6-Dealer has said that it's A6 FR is buzz fixed ,should i trust ? what
>> can i do if he/she posted it in our country and was not buzz fixed ?
> If you can't get a A7 and you want the phone then that's all you can
> do. At least tuxbrain also sells buzzfixed A6 and I'd trust them: if
> the start shipping not-buzzfixed A6 phones claiming they're fixed,
> their sales will go down and I don't think they want it. But if they
> send you a non-buzzfixed even if you ordered a fixed one send them an
> angry e-mail and tell them you'll sue them in IRAN if they will not
> fix your FR. That should do it..
No need to sue any one :P , dehqan, if you buy an A6 buzz fixed I will
send you an A6 buzzfixed, just be sure you buy an Devel Upgraded
Version (A6+) in the webshop.
>> What dealer? How can we tell if you can trust someone if we don't know
>> whom are you talking about?
>This > it's in wiki list .
The guy of Wim Vandepute is a really good guy, you can trust
any word he said if you had pay for an A6 buzz fixed he will send you
an A6 buzz fixed.
>>> 5-What part of non buzz fixed A6 has buzz ?How can we understand if it
>>> is fixed or not ?
>> All of them. All non-buzz fixed A6 have buzz. It depends on external
>> conditions, not on the phone itself.
>yes and almost all packages include cable headset that in wiki has
>been said they have buzz also ,are they buzz fixed like internal mics
>?if not why do they sell it ?
The buzz is produced only under a call you can still using the headset
for listen to music as example.
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