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a dehqan <dehqan65 at> writes:
> An important question about GPS signals ,Is not IRAN far from The
> satellite that sends signals ?will not signals be weak in Iran ?How
> can we be sure that GPS antenna is not needed in open area in Iran ?

I think the internal antenna is enough even in Iran ;)

> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 11:09 AM, Paul Fertser<fercerpav at> wrote:
>> a dehqan <dehqan65 at> writes:
>>> 4-Do all Bluetooth headsets work with FR ?
>> AFAICT, no. And i don't know a definitive way to tell which will work
>> except to try it or to search the wiki.
> But search did not find anything ...would anyone tell his/her
> experience ?

The problem with experience is that for some (unknown to me) reasons
many people talk about how good it would be to use a bt headset for
GSM talks but too few seem to actually try it. And it's supported for
more than 2 months in FSO already iirc.

>>> 5-What part of non buzz fixed A6 has buzz ?How can we understand if it
>>> is fixed or not ?
>> All of them. All non-buzz fixed A6 have buzz. It depends on external
>> conditions, not on the phone itself.
> yes and almost all packages include cable headset that in wiki has
> been said they have buzz also ,are they buzz fixed like internal mics
> ?if not why do they sell it ?

Headset can be used to hear to the music or to use headset mic to
record voice notes or for whatever (you might want to utilize headset
button in some creative way). Some people report that in some
conditions buzz is not too much even with a headset so sometimes it's
possible to use it for GSM.

And no FR version that is in shops atm prevents buzz from the headset
mic anyway.

>>> 6-Dealer has said that it's A6 FR is buzz fixed ,should i trust ? what
>>> can i do if he/she posted it in our country and was not buzz fixed ?
>> What dealer? How can we tell if you can trust someone if we don't know
>> whom are you talking about?
> This > it's in wiki list .

Ok, i hope others will tell you their experience with him.

>> 3-Can other car chargers be used to charge FR ?
>>Yes, but you need to tell FR (software) to start the charging
> So e.g nokia car chargers jack is the same as FR car charger ?

FR has a standard mini-usb receptable.

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