Freerunner's Future

Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Jun 10 10:36:07 CEST 2009

Many thanks to you Christoph,

  I always make a habit of returning to decisions I have played a role 
in to review my thinking and uncover the mistakes I may have made so 
that I can make new ones the next time around. ( hat tip to Werner) I 
like very much your idea of a multi purpose platform.

Christoph Pulster wrote:
>> it started with Sean's Vision. Free the Phone.
> Thanks for the very interesting inside views about your decisions, I  
> really appreciate your way of explaining how things worked out.
> I have to revise my opinion about your marketing strategy in some way.
> "Free your phone" is a nice slogan and idea to archive publicity.
> The big Unknown is and will be the GSM chip which is under NDA.  
> Freerunner may phone the Whitehouse anytime. Without a workaround of GSM  
> the vision of the Free Phone will stay a vision. This is painful to  
> realize, I know :-)
> Again thanks to you,
> Christoph
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