Script for easy OSM mapping on the road:

Leonardo de Virgilio fradeve11 at
Wed Jun 10 12:33:40 CEST 2009

I was writing something like that, but for the lacking of spare time
I've interrupted... my script in PyGtk was able to export tags
directly in .osm format, and used a little database to store tags
(with a feature to add/remove tags).

I think we could use this as a starting point... I'll try to see the
code in my future spare time ;)

Thanks for the link :D
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2009/6/8 kimaidou <kimaidou at>:
> Hi !
> First thanks to pavel and to you Risto for bringing this up !
> Some ideas: we should create a wiki page for this, to gather all the ideas
> given here.
> My fist impression :
> * we need some icons for each button to help finding the things
> * I think it is a good start, but why not ask for any osm mapper and try to
> redefine all the hierarchy. I think for this a tool as freemind is the best
> : easy and quick. I am not saying the hierarchy used is wrong, but I think
> we should take the chance to have a discussion on it while trying it
> Ok, here the wiki page I created :
> Let's talk and improve it :D
> Kimaidou
> 2009/6/8 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>
>> Ok, sending again to get pavel's e-mail address right this time..
>> Hi there!
>> There was a discussion about easy openstreetmap mapping with
>> Freerunner on the road.
>> I found mokomapper
>> (
>> some months ago (=I didn't write it, Pavel did (CC'd this mail to him))
>> and mentioned it in the thread. Someone requested some screenshots so
>> here you are: The readme file
>> also has some output log of the script. I think the output is not in
>> valid OSM format because of the broken GPS connection (maybe, I don't
>> know..).
>> I don't know how to use the app or how to import the stuff to OSM but
>> to me it looks like it really is going to the right direction. It
>> allows you easily to pinpoint road to left, road to right, different
>> types of roads, crossroads etc etc and I'd think you could add some
>> more items there quite easily since it's a simple python script..
>> So if there's anyone with some python skills, it'd be great to give
>> some love to this script so we all could easily do OSM mapping with
>> only FR around.
>> To use:
>> wget
>> -O
>> chmod 755
>> DISPLAY=:0 ./
>> Enjoy your freedom!
>> r
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