intone a2dp (bluetooth) support

Michael Sheldon mike at
Wed Jun 10 16:55:11 CEST 2009

Yorick Moko wrote:
> One thing I don't understand:
> intone with a2dp: mplayer usage around 40% and sometimes spikes to
> everything available (80-85%) ==> no fluent playback
> intone without a2dp: 12% cpu ==> fluent playback
> how come?

 Well the a2dp stuff seems to be fairly cpu intensive, presumably
because it's having to performing sbc encoding before sending the audio
to the device (most devices support direct streaming of mp3 data but I
don't think this is possible with mplayer, it is with gstreamer though).
You should still be able to get reasonable mp3 playback, you won't get
acceptable ogg playback though, as the combination of a2dp and ogg
decoding appears to be too much for the cpu to handle.

 If you're getting very choppy playback with mp3s and you're using
bluez4 then try running "hciconfig hci0 lm master; hciconfig hci0 lp
hold,sniff,park" after starting the bluetooth daemon.


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