Script for easy OSM mapping on the road:

Leonardo de Virgilio fradeve11 at
Wed Jun 10 17:07:15 CEST 2009

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Hi Risto :)

I've not released it because I've written it in my spare time, and
it's the highest form of spaghetti-code
I've ever wrote :D

I'm a cultural heritage scientist, not a developer, and in my latest
coding session (more or less 3 months ago)
I've broken the code and it won't work anymore. In that state of
development worked all except coordinates
checking from GPS. In the actual state, the GUI doesn't work anymore :(

So, I need some time to find the error and implement coordinates catching... :|

I know my coding situation, and I grant you (and to all the community)
that - as my 1st experiment with
PyGtk - now it should me more convenient to write something from
scratch than debugging my spaghetti
code application.

Good news: I'll applicate on that during summer, I'll release
something when it'll be near to work or to get something usable :D

Thanks :)

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2009/6/10 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>:
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Leonardo de
> Virgilio<fradeve11 at> wrote:
>> I was writing something like that, but for the lacking of spare time
>> I've interrupted... my script in PyGtk was able to export tags
>> directly in .osm format, and used a little database to store tags
>> (with a feature to add/remove tags).
>> I think we could use this as a starting point... I'll try to see the
>> code in my future spare time ;)
> Great to hear!
> It'd be great if the app could directly export .osm format.
> Do you have any screenshots or any code somewhere so others could have
> a look at your code?
> Thanks!
> r
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