Onen at
Wed Jun 10 19:14:05 CEST 2009

Hi Alex,

Alex (Maxious) Sadleir wrote:
> I did a big upload yesterday (52 log files) and unfortunately I let it 
> delete the processed ones (After the "Successfully uploaded (52) log 
> files" dialog). "Unfortunately" because I haven't seen my 
> username("lambdacomplex")/cells on the stats page or the twitter or on 
> the map yet so I worry they have been lost in the abyss.

As stated in the previous emails, we encountered a hard drive failure. 
Nick made a test run of the server. But it is not working as normal.

The logs should not be lost. They just have not been detected, and 
processed by the (broken) server. Tweet is triggered when logs are detected.

  Does it say
> anywhere what the delay/process is to get the cells onto the maps?

When you see the tweet, it means the logs have started being processed. 
You then have to check the main page of the website to see the last 
update time updated.

I would like something like OSM: when you upload GPX file, you get an 
email when it has been incorporated.

> The website could use some more features like that - some way to login 
> to be able to change/recover your password 

Oh, we don't have that. That's bad...

and a way to see what you've
> uploaded.

Could you be more specific?


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