Battery ID chip - help needed

Christian Gagneraud cgagneraud at
Wed Jun 10 23:49:02 CEST 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Christian Gagneraud <cgagneraud at> writes:
>> According to the FR battery page [1], they say that FR use a smart 
>> battery (model number CT-GTA02 [2]) but i can tell you that i don't 
>> have such a thing in my phone, i actually have a battery marked 
>> "Model: GTA02", which is definitely not a smart battery (it has only 3 
>> pins), this battery correspond more to what's describe on the Neo 
>> battery page [3]. Moreover, the schematics of the FR show that it use 
>> only 2 signals of the battery: V+ and V-.
> The third terminal is used by a bit-banging HDQ driver which
> communicates with bq27000 chip integrated in battery. And it works for
> sure, though probably some eeprom values that should be
> factory-programmed are not optimal.

Hi Paul,

Absolutely true! I didn't spot it on the schematics. Next time i'll 
check twice before writing emails! ;)



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