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On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 3:14 AM, Onen < at> wrote:

> The logs should not be lost. They just have not been detected, and
> processed by the (broken) server. Tweet is triggered when logs are
> detected.

Yep! They've shown up today just as expected.

>  Does it say
> > anywhere what the delay/process is to get the cells onto the maps?
> >
> When you see the tweet, it means the logs have started being processed.
> You then have to check the main page of the website to see the last
> update time updated.
> I would like something like OSM: when you upload GPX file, you get an
> email when it has been incorporated.
 Thanks for the clarification.

> > The website could use some more features like that - some way to login
> > to be able to change/recover your password
> Oh, we don't have that. That's bad...
Yeah. I'm biased because I lost my first password somehow and all the
website could tell me was that the account did exist. Not a big problem.

> and a way to see what you've
> > uploaded.
> Could you be more specific?
At the moment to be able to see your uploaded cells on the maps, you have to
remember some non-obvious details (LAC/Cell ID) from when you uploaded. It
would be nice to have your own total cell count and maybe a selection of
recently uploaded cells as a table or map.
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