[SHR unstable] Bluetooth pairing with BMW Pro Radio car handsfree fails

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 08:02:34 CEST 2009

Thomas Franck <thomas.franck at gmx.com> writes:
> I've updated to the recent version of SHR unstable (opkg update/upgrade
> yesterday) and tried to pair with my car today.. (BMW Pro Radio)
> I "followed" the instructions from the Wiki [1] (not much to follow for
> SHR, it seems) and I got the MAC from the car.. used the simple-agent to
> pair.. my car asked me to enter a PIN for pairing.. then the FR asked me
> for it.. and once I entered that it's happy.. (trying a second time
> quits with message that there's already a bond with that device)

Yes, it seems you used the correct instructions. You might want to remove
the bonding before trying again, for that supply an additional dummy
parameter to simple-agent.

> However.. my car kept trying to pair with the FR (display said something
> like "Pairing in progress.." with the only option to abort.. :(

Hm, that is strange. You need to try to remove the bonding and to try
again. Probably you hit some timeout or something else went wrong.

> Needless to say, pairing with my Nokia 6500C works like a charm.. :(

It'd be interesting to try it with some laptop (running bluez4, of

> The Wiki [1] says that I should log with "hcidump -l 4096 -w bt.dump"
> but that command is not available on my FR...

Hm, it should be, probably in some additional bluez package (but do
not install bluez3!)

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