[SHR unstable] Bluetooth pairing with BMW Pro Radio car handsfree fails

Thomas Franck thomas.franck at gmx.com
Thu Jun 11 11:57:56 CEST 2009

Joerg Eesmann wrote:
> I came so far that I found a project,
> http://nohands.sourceforge.net/source.html, which is not HFP (Hands Free
> Profile) but the server (if FR is the client). So my guess is, if I can
> get my FR to connect with this, it should also connect to my car. The
> advantage is, for testing that one can dumb and debug the whole
> BT-communication, because nohands also runs on Linux-machine.

Hmm... if my test later fails and provides no new information, it'll be
worth a try.. ;)


Has everyone noticed that all the letters of the word "database" are
typed with the left hand? Now the layout of the QWERTYUIOP typewriter
keyboard was designed, among other things, to facilitate the even use of
both hands. It follows, therefore, that writing about databases is not
only unnatural, but a lot harder than it appears.

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