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In The Name Of God

Thanks alot for your replies ;

> > >>> 3-Can other car chargers be used to charge FR ?
> > >>>
> > >>>Yes, but you need to tell FR (software) to start the charging
> > >>
> > >> So e.g nokia car chargers jack is the same as FR car charger ?
> > >
> > > FR has a standard mini-usb receptable.
> >
> > So ,almost all chargers do not have usb jack ... If charger output
> voltage
> > was the same can we add usb jack to charger ?
> The FR needs 5V, preferably at 500mA or 1A. If your charger can supply that
> then making a jack adapter won't be a problem. Do NOT use a charger
> supplying
> >5.5V as it will probably damage the FR. If your charger can give 1A then
> when
> making the adapter you can put a 47k resistor between pin 4 and ground on
> the
> mini-B connector. That lets the FR identify it as being able to take 1A so
> it
> will automatically start charging at the full rate.
> Car USB adapters are widely available though, and the USB mini-B connector
> is
> used by a numer of phone manufacturers now. There were reports in the wiki
> from people using TomTom and Motorola car chargers IIRC. The only problem
> you
> may have is that there was no standard for the use of the ID pin (pin 4) so
> the current capability may be incorrectly detected.

Do you mean without that 47k resistor ,Fr will detect current lower or
higher ?what will happen after that (detect incorrectly) .

Another questions ;
1- Should pouch be bought ,Without pouch ,ISn't there any problem with
carring FR with ourself without pouch ?
2-Do you advice a laser stylus or small one (normal one) ?
3- So  ,do you advice to fix FR ourslef ? is there any common problems for
those want to fix their self ?
3-What other things and issues ,Do you advice to be attended before and
while buying FR ?

Regards dehqan
Regards dehqan

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