Better handling of AUX and POWER buttons

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Fri Jun 12 13:57:22 CEST 2009

2009/6/12 Paul Fertser <fercerpav at>

> Michal Brzozowski <rusolis at> writes:
> > Speaking about this, how to change the default behavior of the
> > buttons in Om2009? I know that both of them come as X events and can
> > be observed using xev, but the power button suspends the device even
> > if you're not running X, so its action is probably controlled by
> > power management.
> That's oeventsd, part of FSO. You can change the behaviour by editing
> rules.yaml.

Thanks! Is there a daemon that I can -HUP or do I need to restart for the
changes to take effect?

Going back to the original point. It would be best if there was a config
file where one could specify all the different keypress events (short AUX,
short power, long AUX, double AUX, power-AUX, etc) and bind actions to them.
The actions would be: suspend, shutdown, lock, close app, show/hide
keyboard, send a custom signal to app, etc.

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