Upgraded using angstrom rep -- infinite loop on startup

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 14:10:46 CEST 2009

2009/6/12 Mikhail Umorin <mikeumo at gmail.com>:
> I upgraded to the latest (?) version from Angstrom rep using opkg upgrade.
> Now, after the screen OPENMOKO (please wait) I get infinite loop saying:

oops, i think that might be your problem. there are some compatibility
issues between openmoko OS and angstrom OS - the former is a fork of
the latter, and one should be very careful when mixing the feeds, and
certainly not blithely running opkg upgrade. the angstrom repos are
useful for getting one or two apps in a controlled way, but nothing

there is a warning on the wiki about this, where i assume you got the
angstrom feed info from?

> pcf50633_irq: entering(irq=53, pcf=c7d36c00): scheduling work
> pcf50633_work: INT1=0x00 INT2=0x00 INT3=0x40 INT4=0x00 INT5=0x00

i think pcf50633 is the power management chip? i could well be wrong.
i don't think it matters too much

> What is the problem?

you borked it!

i don't know, maybe you can manually downgrade the packages that
caused the problems. do you know what opkg upgraded? hmm, probably
not. it may be best to copy all your valuable data off, then re-flash

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