some questions before buying FreeRunner

Ben Wong at
Sat Jun 13 00:44:31 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 1:29 AM, a dehqan<dehqan65 at> wrote:
> Do you mean without that 47k resistor ,Fr will detect current lower or
> higher ?what will happen after that (detect incorrectly) .

Without the 47k resistor, it will charge more slowly so as to not
overload the charger.  However, your Freerunner will probably come
with the correct charger.  Mine did.

> Another questions ;
> 1- Should pouch be bought ,Without pouch ,ISn't there any problem with
> carring FR with ourself without pouch ?

I wouldn't have paid extra for the pouch,  but my Freerunner came with
one and I use it.  I keep it in my pocket, clipped to a belt loop.
The pouch protects the screen from getting scratched up with the other
random things I have in my pocket.  I also use the pouch to store my
stylus, which would get lost pretty quickly otherwise.  (Suggestion
for whoever designs the next Openmoko Pouch: Include a small pocket or
loop on the outside for a stylus.)

> 3- So  ,do you advice to fix FR ourslef ? is there any common problems for
> those want to fix their self ?

I do not advise you to fix the Freerunner yourself.  Just purchase a
buzz-fixed version.

> 3-What other things and issues ,Do you advice to be attended before and
> while buying FR ?

If you do not yet have GNU/Linux on your desktop computer,  I
recommend that you start now.  It is not strictly necessary, but it
will make using your Freerunner easier and more enjoyable.  You may
also want to join a local Linux User Group (LUG).  Here are some
starting points:


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