intone a2dp (bluetooth) support

c_c cchandel at
Sat Jun 13 04:54:17 CEST 2009

  I've just got back from a trip - hence the delay. 
  Intone is in the process of a minor re-write. I'm looking at improving the
music manager, writing a small desktop sync client to manage music and tags
and use ecore routines to handle mplayer.
  I still can't seem to get much clarity on A2DP usage. I don't think intone
should really go around pairing bluetooth headsets behind FSO's back. I
think that the pairing should be handled by FSO/some other utility/manually
- if need be. 
  Assuming that the pairing has been set up - I am looking at restarting
mplayer with the flags to get it to stream over bluetooth. I'll add that as
an option.
  Any other ideas/suggestions are welcome. Also, is there a way to get
mplayer to stream mp3 data directly over BT - like gstreamer does? Or would
it be better if I used gstreamer to send mp3 data over BT from intone -
leaving mplayer paused?
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