Launcher/Home Page (alpha) Release 0.22

c_c cchandel at
Sat Jun 13 09:12:37 CEST 2009


Warren Baird-2 wrote:
> The new scroll bar is better - although I still think I prefer the
> drop-down
> approach.
  Personally, I'm inclined towards the drop down approach myself.

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
>  I install all of the images into /usr/share/wallpapers -
> maybe you want to make that the default dir for wallpapers?
  Will do that.

Warren Baird-2 wrote:
> Also, you don't seem to save the directory that the user browses to when
> picking wallpapers...
  Thats true. Do I still need to do that if I set the default to
Maybe you could copy all required images to that directory and check them

@Steven ** - Well, I'm using getline to read in the full line. So that
shouldn't happen. I'll take a look though.

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