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Am 13.06.2009 um 09:16 schrieb GNUtoo:

> On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 10:08 -0500, The Digital Pioneer wrote:
>> I play oggs with intone/a2dp, but I have to renice mplayer to -19 to
>> keep it smooth. It still cuts occasionally, but that could just be
>> connectivity.
> don't forget to edit mplayer's configuration in order to tell him to  
> use
> tremor(fixed point ogg decider)
> Denis.
I have discovered the same cuts and using mplayer using a2dp without  
any other frontend (reniced to -19).
While trying to figure out the reason of the cuts I have these thougt's:

The cuts come when I drive the car in sunny weather (hot) after a while.
The cuts come when I charge the bettery (car/wall charger). The cuts  
goes away after a while holding the phone
into the air con stream.

It seems a temperature problem. So first I thought the SD card or the  
path from there is a problem.
But that isn't as I have tested mplayer in ssh to see console output.  
No error messages.
Also I got no bandwidth problems downloading planet.bin for navit  
while playing music.

Now I have tried to renice some other processes while testing it with  
the omnewrotate while rotating. There are also
these cuts and after renicing kmmcd to -19 these cuts dissapeared.

But I ran navit while these tests and when calculating a route the  
cuts appeared. But this may also solved by playing
with the other related processes.

But what I think is a problem when a phone call comes into the phone  
while all this. If mplayer' is running the ring event
or the like should pause any mp3 or ogg players :-)

It's because I have figured out much response problems while this  
happens and a phone call may get unanswered.

Beside of renicing kmmcd, SDIO Helper and mplayer I then got a problem  
with my WLAN connection. So it is a bit more
work to get all working well.

I'll now test navigarion in a car, but it is not that hot today.


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