some questions before buying FreeRunner

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Sat Jun 13 22:10:22 CEST 2009

In The Name Of God

Thanks for your attentions;

  How much  is Fr SAR ?

>I do not advise you to fix the Freerunner yourself.  Just purchase a
>buzz-fixed version.
Would you explain more ?why ?
Difference between fix and non-fixed is 30 EUR , Do you think does it cost
to pay 30 EUR for fixing + firmware upgrade ?
1-about firmware upgrade ,users they can upgrade theirself ,dont they ?
2-about fixing and that rework, fisrt a wall ,in which GSM networks , do
most of FR have low buzz ?
3-I have not SMD work yet but i have brazed ,Do you think i can not be abke
to braze on FR board with hands ?

>If you do not yet have GNU/Linux on your desktop computer,  I
>recommend that you start now.
>Just buy it, don't have too high expectations on stability, and learn to
love it.
It is long time just debian based have been used on pc ,there is not
problems and knowing linuxs .
but important question , does FR catch owner time each day for any reason
?e.g for almost all activity with FR should users  spend time each day ?

>I wouldn't have paid extra for the pouch,  but my Freerunner came with
>one and I use it.  I keep it in my pocket, clipped to a belt loop.
>The pouch protects the screen from getting scratched up with the other
  So why dont you use invisible shield ?just trousers has packets ,How much
are lenght and width sizes of FR ?
Do you advice using invisble shield ,wont invisble shield make screen
sensitivity to be decreased ?

>I have heard of difficulties shipping to some countries, either with odd
>shipping arrangements or with things getting stuck in customs. I don't know
>whether that would affect you or not, but it might be worth asking.

would you explain more ?Fr will be posted to sweden that a person will carry
it to iran .

>You know the software's not exactly
>consumer-ready, and about all the hardware issues
would you explain more ,what other problems with hardware except those
buzz's ?

Regards dehqan
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