some questions before buying FreeRunner

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Sat Jun 13 22:44:36 CEST 2009

In The Name Of God

Thanks alot for your attentions and replies , i wish you will be
succeed into truth .

2009/6/14 Paul Fertser <fercerpav at>:
> a dehqan <dehqan65 at> writes:
>>>I do not advise you to fix the Freerunner yourself.  Just purchase a
>>>buzz-fixed version.
>> Would you explain more ?why ?
>> Difference between fix and non-fixed is 30 EUR , Do you think does it cost to pay 30 EUR for fixing +
>> firmware upgrade ?
>> 1-about firmware upgrade ,users they can upgrade theirself ,dont they ?
>> 2-about fixing and that rework, fisrt a wall ,in which GSM networks , do most of FR have low buzz ?
>> 3-I have not SMD work yet but i have brazed ,Do you think i can not be abke to braze on FR board with
>> hands ?
> Firmware upgrade costs nothing, you can do it yourself without any
> problems. Buzz fixing is highly recommended and no, if you've never
> done SMD work you won't be able to do it properly. If in doubt, find
> some broken PCB with components (like old video-card or smth) and try
> to exchange some 0402-sized Rs there.

so it is possible to braze components by hand yes ?
Would you say what components exactly are needed in C work ?

>>>If you do not yet have GNU/Linux on your desktop computer,  I
>>>recommend that you start now.
>>>Just buy it, don't have too high expectations on stability, and learn to love it.
>> It is long time just debian based have been used on pc ,there is not problems and knowing linuxs .
>> but important question , does FR catch owner time each day for any reason ?e.g for almost all activity
>> with FR should users  spend time each day ?
> No, if you don't upgrade software it stays the same and most users are
> able to find something that works stable enough.
Do you mean om softwares ?

>>>I wouldn't have paid extra for the pouch,  but my Freerunner came with
>>>one and I use it.  I keep it in my pocket, clipped to a belt loop.
>>>The pouch protects the screen from getting scratched up with the other
>>   So why dont you use invisible shield ?just trousers has packets ,How much are lenght and width sizes
>> of FR ?
>> Do you advice using invisble shield ,wont invisble shield make
>> screen sensitivity to be decreased ?
> I use screen protection from day 1. It's a regular PDA screen
> protector, bought in a nearby cellphone shop. I don't think it
> decreases TS precision.
With invisible-shield would FR place in trousers packets easily ?
would you link that pda screen protector ?any picture ?

> 1. Buzz
> 2. #1024 recamping (there's software workaround)
> 3. Complete lack of bass with any wired headphones
would you explain more about #1024 recamping problme ?

Regards dehqan

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