some questions before buying FreeRunner

Ben Wong at
Sun Jun 14 13:29:01 CEST 2009

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 1:10 PM, a dehqan<dehqan65 at> wrote:
>   How much  is Fr SAR ?

In another thread on this list somebody mentioned that the specific
absorption rate for the Freerunner is average, not significantly
higher or lower than any other cell phone.  Specifically, "the Neo
FreeRunner SAR tests at 1.07 W/kg GSM and 1.17 W/kg DCS."

>>I do not advise you to fix the Freerunner yourself.  Just purchase a buzz-fixed version.
> Would you explain more ?why ?

I did not know that the buzz-fixed version is more expensive.  Still,
I *strongly* suggest that you not attempt to solder the Freerunner
yourself.  The circuit is very small and you need special tools.  An
ordinary hand soldering iron will not work.  Have you soldered
cell-phones before?  If not, I recommend not treating your Freerunner
as a learning experience.  Remember the old adage, experience is
proportional to the amount of equipment destroyed.  If you still want
to do the buzz fix yourself, I think Paul's suggestion was excellent,
try soldering an SMD (Surface Mount Device) onto an old video card

> It is long time just debian based have been used on pc ,there is not
> problems and knowing linuxs .

Wonderful!  You will feel at home on your Freerunner.

> but important question , does FR catch owner time each day for any reason
> ?e.g for almost all activity with FR should users  spend time each day ?

I am sorry.  I don't understand your question.  Are you asking if the
Freerunner requires daily maintenance?  If so, the answer is "no".
You can simply use the Freerunner as a phone, if you wish.

>>The pouch protects the screen from getting scratched up
>   So why dont you use invisible shield ?

I did not have an InvisibleShield before.  I have ordered one now and
I may stop using the pouch.  On the other hand, the InvisibleShield
looks to be a sticker and it might peel off in my pocket.

> just trousers has packets ,How much
> are lenght and width sizes of FR ?

The Freerunner is a bit thicker than the latest cellphones, but
comfortably fits in my blue jeans (denim trousers) front pocket, even
with the pouch.  I've also carried the Freerunner easily in the breast
pockets of my shirt and coat.

> Do you advice using invisble shield ,wont invisble shield make screen
> sensitivity to be decreased ?

I've read, and believe, that sensitivity will be the same.  The
InvisibleShield is extremely thin (0.2mm).  The Freerunner I purchased
came with a clear plastic sheet covering the screen that was thicker
than an InvisibleShield.  The stylus worked fine through that sheet
with no apparent loss of sensitivity.


P.S.  In America we are wishing you, and all Iranians, a happy outcome
to your country's recent troubles.

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