[shr-unstable] packages for canola media player

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at profusion.mobi
Mon Jun 15 15:01:08 CEST 2009

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 5:01 PM, Hermann
Lacheiner<hermann.lacheiner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Gustavo,
> thanks for your support! Without your prior help I wouldn't have been
> able to package canola ;)

You're welcome!

> 2009/6/12 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri at profusion.mobi>:
>> On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 9:02 AM, Hermann
>> Lacheiner<hermann.lacheiner at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Currently there are a few glitches:
>>> * canola package depends on glibc-gconv-iso8859-15 otherwise
>>> lightmediascanner does not work
>> You can just disable ISO8859-1 conversion for unknown original media
>> format (ie: ID3v1 or other formats that do not specify an encoding in
>> the tag or standard). You can change it using cnl-prefs-set or
>> terra-prefs-set -c /etc/canola.conf, or patch
>> canolad/src/canolad/prefs.py to not include that. For per-user
>> changes:
>>    cnl-set-prefs canolad charsets '[]'
>> will replace the old list that contains ISO-8859-1 with nothing and no
>> fallback will be used.
> I have tried it and it works, but there is one problem: It would be
> nice to set the charset automatically after package was installed in
> postinst, but canola creates the user settings not until first start,
> so the settings set in postinst are going to be overwritten.
> So is there actually a way to automatically set the charset in
> postinst when there are no user settings at that moment?

This should be an external file with "default data", but since it's
not (at least yet) you'll have to patch that src/canolad/prefs.py
file. No big deal, it should not change often, if it do probably will
be to include a "defaults" file. That is: patch that file :-)

>> If we do a simple theme optimization it can be bit faster. I'm doing
>> this for a ProFUSION demo we're about to release videos, but we cannot
>> release the images or the theme itself. If there are manpower
>> interested in creating so, let me know... I can even help with code
>> (.edc), just don't have the time/skills to produce neat graphics.
>> Also, it would be amazing to have a canola themed to match SHR.
>> Again, this is of my interest and I can allocate my time or an
>> employee to help with such task to optimize, but we need a designer to
>> produce the images.
> It would be really great if you could adapt the UI to fit the
> resolution of FR and optimize it in speed. I think canola is a really
> great application and has a cool plug-in architecture with a huge
> potential.

But do you know someone to do the graphics?


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