How to get started with Openmoko phone?

Ben Wong at
Tue Jun 16 10:49:53 CEST 2009

> Well, when the salesperson tells you that they will not transfer the phone
> number unless you sign up for a contract there's not much you can do... At
> least, that's what I got.

Which carrier told you that?  I just transferred my number and didn't
have to sign up for a contract with T-mobile.  They didn't even try to
sell me one when I told them I already had a phone.  They also allowed
me to transfer my number a couple weeks after activating the SIM, so I
was able to have a temporary number for the Freerunner while I tested
calling it with my old cell phone.

On the other hand, Sprint, who I was switching from, did send me a
huge bill for quitting before my contract expired, even though it had
expired years ago.  I called Sprint up and, to make a long story
short, after I reminded them that they are big dummies, they
apologized and dropped the charges.  :-)


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