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Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Tue Jun 16 12:14:08 CEST 2009


I gave it a shot and made a new keyboard. It's only 2 days old, but it's
working well for me so I'm announcing it.

- Ignore window managers and always stay on top.
- Turn on transparency if it's covering something you're typing. If it's
still covering change the color or move it up or down the screen.
- Configurable, let's you switch layouts, and make new ones.

To do list:
- Show/hide with AUX
- Support screen rotating (involves making a separate layout for horizontal
- Support dictionary and prediction (this might take a while :-))

The current layout has most of the keys, so works well with the terminal.
It's still good for sms though, the keys are big. There is some area for
improvement here.

The transparency uses the old XShape extension, so no alpha blending, etc.
It's a bit more uggly, but works quite well. It works best with the terminal
if there isn't big contrast between the letters and the background. So if
you use a black background, change the letters to gray instead of white.
Then if you change the keyboard color to red, you can see both the terminal
and the keyboard very well.

I can post some screenshots, if you kindly remind me what the screenshot app
was called :-)


After installing run "literki". Press on the little logo to show/hide. Check
out the four keys on the top for what they do.

You can edit some options in /etc/literki.conf. The layout is in
/etc/literki_layout.conf. It's somewhat similar to the *.kbd files, but it's
not compatible. I changed some things and it's a bit more flexible.

I'm hoping to hear suggestions on improvement.

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