BlackBerry to Openmoko

disciple at disciple at
Tue Jun 16 12:43:49 CEST 2009

Hi all... Have some questions... I've been following Openmoko for a  
while now,  Since the 1973 product... I heard Sean speak at the  
OpenExpo and have a few ?'s.

1. Sean stated at the expo that he still carries a BlackBerry, and  
that by June he expects that the OpenMoko will no longer lose incoming  

Is the Openmoko at that point yet?

2. Currently, I'm a BlackBerry user (8700) ... carrier is T-mobile,  
and I use the following apps.
(a) Address Book (Not sure if I can convert to .cvs, but will try this week)
(b) eBible program (Genesis to Revelation... KJV)
(c) eMail - I have at least 2 accts pushed to my Blackberry
(d) text - (SMS)
(e) Calendar, Tasks, Memo
(f) Personal Finance -

I'm trying to get rid of my BlackBerry and go Openmoko. =^)  ... I run  
Ubuntu on my Desktop.  Do you think that I can get rid of my  
BlackBerry?  Can I get the apps that I need?  From what I've seen, I  
believe that I can get the basic apps that come with just about any  
phone, but what about the Personal Finance app.  Ascendo is a pretty  
nice app.

Can KMoney or something like that be installed on Openmoko?  What  
about GnomeSword Bible?

Would it be cheaper to buy the "A6" from the Blowout Sale, and then  
have SDG fix the buzz issue, or am I better off buying the "A7"?  Is  
the A7 just the A6 with buzz fix?  I'm confused on this point.

Thanks all.  Thanks Sean.  I just want to thank everyone that has  
worked on this project.  You are all incredible people.  G-d Bless you  

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