BlackBerry to Openmoko

arne anka openmoko at
Tue Jun 16 13:43:24 CEST 2009

> (a) Address Book (Not sure if I can convert to .cvs, but will try this  
> week)

afaik, contacts management is not integrated. though, work is going on in  
fso to do so.
there are some contacts/task/calendar suites available, osmo for instance.

> (b) eBible program (Genesis to Revelation... KJV)

what exactly does it ofer besides reading/searching?
the most simple way would probably be, to convert the texts into frinst  
plucker format and use with fbreader or plucker.
gnome sword is most likely to heavy.

> (c) eMail - I have at least 2 accts pushed to my Blackberry

don't know the current state, there are clients available, but inhowfar  
the are really usable with the fr (screen estate, navigation), i don't  

> (d) text - (SMS)


> (e) Calendar, Tasks, Memo

see a

> (f) Personal Finance -

a quick glance over debian's results to "finance" offers, besides kmymoney  
and gnucash, grisbi (
while kmymoney and gnucash certainly will be both to heavy and hard to  
navigate, grisbi has an nokia 770 port. that may indicate, that usability  
with small screen/limited resources was considered.

> Would it be cheaper to buy the "A6" from the Blowout Sale, and then
> have SDG fix the buzz issue, or am I better off buying the "A7"?  Is

good question -- since you have to pay for transport, the difference  
between a cheaper a6 and an a7 might decrease.
additionally, every fix involves the risk of damage.
after all, i'd advocate for getting an a7.

> the A7 just the A6 with buzz fix?  I'm confused on this point.

iirc, basically yes. but the a7 has a slightly modified layout with the  
buzz fix included already.

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