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Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Tue Jun 16 13:44:33 CEST 2009

2009/6/16 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>

> Some comments:
> - Could you change the font of the letters, not it's serif, I'd maybe
> prefer sans-serif (easier to read on screen)

Currently I'm using a compiled in bitmap with all the letters on it (just
ASCII + special keys). So first I'd need to implement normal fonts.

I'm a bit ignorant on this, so would need help from someone who knows xlib.
To support ö, ä, å and all others., the layout file would need to be UTF8
format? Now these chars would take 2 or 3 bytes, will the x server
understand them if I use XKeysymToKeycode on them and pass that to
XTestFakeKeyEvent to generate keypress?

> - Would the letters be possible to align horizontally & vertically in
> the middle of the key
> - What's the square button in bottom left?
> - Transparency is great in terminal usage! (OTOH it's hard to separate
> two texts on top of each other..)
> - what' the + bottom left?
> - running on terminal it's dangerous to change the color of the keyb
> to black.. Would it be possible to have the colour change icon in
> another color than the rest or something to ease this..

But then if the color change icon turns up to be the same color as
background then you're in trouble as well :-)

> - any changes of rounding the corners of the buttons to make it look
> more modern (now it's simple & works but doesn't look very beautiful)

Good idea, I'll try it. More ideas on how to make it prettier are very

> - I see you're not using the full width, because of scrollbars maybe?

Just so you can easily reach the letters on the sides. You can change it in

> - maybe more color options could be useful?

See /etc/literki.conf

> To do list:
> > - Show/hide with AUX
> Careful there: on OM2009 it's still used to launch settings so make it
> optional..

But it's a long AUX press for the settings, isn't it? Anyway I'd make it
optional of course.
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