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> Hi all... Have some questions... I've been following Openmoko for a
> while now,  Since the 1973 product... I heard Sean speak at the
> OpenExpo and have a few ?'s.
> 1. Sean stated at the expo that he still carries a BlackBerry, and
> that by June he expects that the OpenMoko will no longer lose incoming
> calls.
> Is the Openmoko at that point yet?
> 2. Currently, I'm a BlackBerry user (8700) ... carrier is T-mobile,
> and I use the following apps.
> (a) Address Book (Not sure if I can convert to .cvs, but will try this
> week)
> (b) eBible program (Genesis to Revelation... KJV)
> (c) eMail - I have at least 2 accts pushed to my Blackberry
> (d) text - (SMS)
> (e) Calendar, Tasks, Memo
> (f) Personal Finance -
> I'm trying to get rid of my BlackBerry and go Openmoko. =^)  ... I run
> Ubuntu on my Desktop.  Do you think that I can get rid of my
> BlackBerry?  Can I get the apps that I need?  From what I've seen, I
> believe that I can get the basic apps that come with just about any
> phone, but what about the Personal Finance app.  Ascendo is a pretty
> nice app.
> Can KMoney or something like that be installed on Openmoko?  What
> about GnomeSword Bible?
> Would it be cheaper to buy the "A6" from the Blowout Sale, and then
> have SDG fix the buzz issue, or am I better off buying the "A7"?  Is
> the A7 just the A6 with buzz fix?  I'm confused on this point.
> Thanks all.  Thanks Sean.  I just want to thank everyone that has
> worked on this project.  You are all incredible people.  G-d Bless you
> all.
I'll not go into technical details but keep in mind that using the FR you
have to be prepared to live with an unstable environment! I never used
Blackberry (and I would never use it due to severe security risks!)  but I
assume that the applications there do work!

Having that in mind, don't expect Openmoko to provide you with a 'turn key
solution'! Is a struggle but ... a NICE one :)
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